Calling Unsigned Musicians

Would you like a chance to perform at Peckfest 2019? Enter now for a chance to wow the Peckfest crowd!

Are you a local unsigned musician or band? Peckfest is a great venue for local unsigned artists to grow your fan base and get noticed. This year we are accepting entries for local unsigned musicians and bands to perform during Peckfest 2019 during the day, prior to our opening and headlining acts. Entry submission doesn’t guarantee that you will play. Depending on how many entries we receive and the time allotted, we will determine set date and time and let you know if you have been selected. Entry deadline is June 19, 2019. 

Complete the entry form below. All entries MUST at least one video of you or your band singing. Make sure that you include links to all of your social media sites so that we can see if you have what it takes to take the Peckfest stage.

If you are selected to perform, you will be listed on our entertainment announcement and you will be expected to let your fans know that you will be performing at Peckfest 2019 and encourage them to purchase tickets to come see you in action!

Notice: Performing at Peckfest indicates your consent to photos and video being taken during the event for, but no limited to, promotional purposes. There will not be monetary compensation for performing. 

Enter today for a chance to perform at Peckfest 2019?

Entry Deadline June 19, 2019

  • Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. List them all.
  • Do you want to perform your own original music or will you be performing covers from your favorite artists?
  • List 4-8 songs that you want to perform. Indicate if they are originals or covers and let us know the artist.
  • Come on! Here's your chance to brag away. Tell us how good you are, how many fans you have, and why you're so awesome!